Capacity Building through Digital Transformation webinar

Global Shapers Moscow Hub is pleased to announce the upcoming event: Capacity Building through Digital Transformation webinar, which will take place on Friday (22/05/2020) at 6.00pm (Moscow time). The project aims to help Eurasian hubs build their digital skills, learn best remote work practices and facilitate the reorganization of their operations.

The goals of the project is to:

- Build new skills needed for managing hubs and their distributed operations
- Facilitate the digital transformation of hub’ activities in the region
- Maintain and increase members’ engagement
- Learn ways to increase the impact of the projects in the digital space
- Provide essential practical tools and life hacks to better organize and manage the hub and the projects, which had to transform in the face of COVID-19
- Share successful experiences and projects done by the hubs

Објавено на: 20.05.2020